About Us

Vital Ground: Ground of such importance that it must be retained or controlled for the success of the Mission.

Based in the North East of England we are a (currently) small family business who aim to blend our skills and passions to bring unique and innovative products to the discerning wargamer.

Our intention is to make available model kits that are as characterful and accurate as our technologies and research allow – and hopefully easy and even fun to build! As our kits will currently be made using laser cutting and 3D Printer technologies we have some restrictions to what we can make but give us a challenge and see what we can make.

Our Skills include 30+ years of product design, coupled with some web design experience and, as the quote above might suggest, a little military experience (as an Officer in the British Army – Reserves).

Our Passions include many years of wargaming and general tinkering with model soldiers, and the desire to be a little different in our approach – Vital Ground being the result of this.

*Family photo taken by Capture the Rainbow Photography, County Durham